Hello again!

Hello again!

It’s a new year. An “0” on the end. Just like birthdays. They come round every 10 years. Wahay! A time to celebrate. A time to make all those new resolutions!

It’s been months since I wrote a post here. It’s time to remedy that. We’ve been watching all the festive movies over Christmas. Lewis Carroll is one of my favourite authors, so it was inevitable really that I should sit down after a festive lunch and watch “Alice Through the Looking Glass.” In the story Alice tries to help her friend the Mad Hatter and his family. She learns that you cannot return to the past and change things. The clock keeps ticking. Time goes on. We cannot change any second any minute, any hour in our lives. What we can do is influence the future.

It happens in all the stories we have aver read. Things change. Look at the Bible. Its crammed full of stories of love, hate, human frailty, life, death- everything. Till in the Christian story there was one man who changed everything. “Follow me” Jesus said “and your lives will change”

So every year we promise ourselves that we will change our lives in some way or other. Maybe we’ll be off to the gym. I remember a colleague once announcing that she had joined the gym as a new years resolution. “I went for a session at the gym” she said, “and it has cost me £60. I never went back after that first time.” That was some years ago. It would cot more now!

So one of my resolutions this year is to write regularly. I hope I do better than dear old Kat at the gym! Watch this space folks!

Prepare to be amazed…….

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