Come on – let’s celebrate

My table thou hast furnished

in presence of my foes.

My head thou dost with oil anoint

and my cup overflows.

Psalm 23 v 4

Journal Entry 25th June 2010.

So we have finally got here. Seventy years old and a party to celebrate. We’ve invited as many people as we think we can fit in the house. Old and young. Families and friends. Today is the day. All is prepared. We’ve had lists and ticked them off. Let’s hope we remembered everything. There’s bound to be something, but I’m sure weve remembered the important bits…..

The dew was glistening on the lawn,

refreshing the fruit upon the tree.

A squirrel had snatched an apple away and clambered the garden fence to eat.

Guests were starting to arrive

to party and to celebrate. Children are playing their games

Adults are taking their place. There were grandads and aunties too Cousins, nephews and friends old and new.

A 70th birthday taking place a child like heart and an aging face. Tables were set, the food laid out the table groaning with the weight.

The ethos was laughter, love and joy of simplicity kindness an a love which forever lasts which forever lasts.

We’ve all been to parties haven’t we? Parties are meant to enjoy and to celebrate. We don’t always stage a royal banquet. A party with plenty already costs an arm and a leg. It’s the joy which people share that’s important isn’t it ?

King David clearly enjoyed parties – laden tables and cups running over. My kind of party I think. We all love a celebration. We catch up with old friends, with family members who live a distance away. We enjoy good food, good company and good music.

Jesus enjoyed parties too. His first miracle came about at a wedding feast where the hosts had run out of wine. His mother was insistent that he should help the hosts out of an awkward situation. Not only was the water changed to wine, but a particularly fine wine. His wine was the icing on the cake so to speak, making an already fine wedding feast into the perfect celebration.

This wasn’t the only time we hear that Jesus approves of partying. He told of a son who had left home taking with him his inheritance. He returned home after losing everything and falling on hard times, unsure of his fathers response. But his father was so pleased to see his return, he ordered a fatted calf and a great welcome celebration.

Jesus told the story of a king who organised a great celebration for his wedding feast. When his guests began to send their apologies for their non attendance the king insisted on invited everyone to celebrate with him. The people I had invited were undeserving, so he decided to invite everyone, the good and the bad.

There is the account of Jesus eating and celebrating with the tax collectors and the sinners. He was criticised for the company he kept by the leaders of the synagogue. His feet were washed by a woman of ill repute who wiped his feet with expensive oil. It didn’t matter if you were not favoured by the well respected in society, you were accepted and loved by Jesus.

So we have much to celebrate today. God’s love spreads across the ages and through all walks of society, whoever we are.

Come on – let’s celebrate!

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